About Us

We are about the grind and we are focused!  From one hustler to another, we know that you ‘DoDiWork!’  Our brand of apparel and accessories is inspired by people who are on the ground, and in the trenches with no excuses; the people who get the job done and keep things moving … The people who DoDiWork.
Originally created by a collective of creatives from New York, DoDiWork represents the path everyone must take to reach their goals.  No matter what line of work you do, where you do it, or who you do it with, there is only one way to the top.  Our line of apparel celebrates what you have done to get where you are … At the same time, we’re telling other people to do what we did, and they’ll get there too.
Just DoDiWork!

The B-Line Collection: The people who DoDiWork are the 'Bees' of the universe. These hardworking individuals are always willing to take a b-line to get where they need to go.  Overcoming obstacles is what they do.  Because of this, they are known for making money run and for connecting people who each do their part to make the money-pot grow. Just like the honeycomb, this group 'drips' with wealth. This synergy is Prosperity.  

Unity Collection:  When we DoDiWork together, we will always reach our goals and that is accomplished through Unity.  Inspired by the energy created when everyone works together towards a common goal, this vibrant line of apparel and accessories is meant to inspire.  Yellow reflects the hope of the Sun and Green reflects growth.  This synergy is Unity.
Mix & Mingle Collection:  Ready to chill or ready to network the Mix & Mingle Collection is casual yet inviting.  The Mix switches up the DoDiWork hustle, and the Mingle invites collaboration.  This is a 50-50 split between socializing and looking for another great opportunity.  This synergy is Dynamic.

Tafari Collection:  For many, Rastafari is a way of life and a spiritual balance.  The teachings of the Most High states that when one is in harmony, they approach all matters harmoniously.  When we DoDiWork in harmony, the mystic flows and energizes and enables us to achieve our goals with ease.  This synergy is Balance.
Out of Many Collection:  Out of many people in the world who DoDiWork, the one thing all of them have in common is the hustler mentality.  This collection celebrates the entrepreneur who focused on their goals and dreams and made them a reality.  This synergy is the power of One.